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Updated: March 2019

Master Logo

This is the master logo for Loop.


Logo + strapline lock up

Please use this lockup when doing anything customer facing. Do not alter the proportions or spacing of any of the elements.


For all the logo variations, the logo must always be in white when on a dark background, or black when on a light background. The logos must never be reproduced in a colour.

Clear space

The protection zone is determined by drawing a square based on the width of the Loop ‘L'; we call this the ‘l-width'. The protection zone is the width of the l-width at the sides of the logo, and the l-width at the top and bottom of the logo.


For all the logo variations, the minimum size it should be reproduced in print is 10mm high.

Updated: March 2019

Colour Palette

We are in the B2B data industry. We want to create a quality feel, so black and white are our dominant colours. These colours will allow copy to stand out and full colour images to sing.

Our secondary colours allow us to be a little bit different from the competition, bright and bold these colours set us apart and should be predominantly used as background colours.

Primary colours

Our primary brand colours are black and white.

loop Black

RGB - 100, 100, 100
CMYK - 00, 00, 00, 100
HEX - 000000

loop white

RGB - 00, 00, 00
CMYK - 00, 00, 00, 00
HEX - ffffff

Secondary colours

loop yellow

RGB - 69, 69, 69
CMYK - 58, 47, 45, 62
HEX - eca430

Loop green

RGB - 119, 119, 119
CMYK - 39, 31, 30, 41
HEX - 777777

loop blue

RGB - 210, 210, 210
CMYK - 12, 9, 9, 12
HEX - 1e91e7

loop red

RGB - 210, 210, 210
CMYK - 12, 9, 9, 12
HEX - fb5245


The gradients are used in place of large blocks of the secondary colours.

#f3c83a - #d94411 (36°)

#3a7d5b - #7ad7ab (36°)

#0a2fc8 - #25abef (36°)

#f61715 - #fe6a5a (36°)

Updated: March 2019


These are created to give some personality to our messaging. They are used to communicate more abstract ideas and can then be used as part of our communications.



Should you have a bespoke or specific requirement, please speak to Head of Marketing to get what you need created.

Updated: March 2019


Great imagery is one of our greatest assets. Every image should look like it comes from Loop. Below is a guide to how to treat images so it feels part of the brand style.


The images are first set to black and white before applying a multiply of a secondary colour over the top.

Updated: March 2019

Social Media

We have created 2 roundel logos for use in social media.The simplified ‘infinity’ is for use only on social media posts where the Loop logo would appear too small. Use black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds.



The protection zone is determined by drawing a square based on the height of the Levy ‘L'; we call this the ‘L-height'. The protection zone is half the width of the L-height at the sides and top & bottom of the logo.

Updated: March 2019


Our typeface is Caecilia. We use a mix of upper and lower case and caps to emphasise points. See the next section for direction on how to use them. TT Tricks Stencil is used for large, header text.

Caecilia Light


Caecilia regular


Caecilia extra bold


TT TRicks Stencil


Using our typefaces

Below are a few examples of how to use our typefaces. It is important to create a dynamic between headings and bodycopy, using larger type to create an engaging layout.

Updated: March 2019

Tone of Voice

All copy created should sound like Loop. The below guide helps you write copy in our tone of voice consistently, ultimately conveying our brand personality and essence to anyone reading.

In writing any copy please keep it simple, use everyday terms, and avoid jargon and acronyms. Always be positive and enthusiastic and show the passion for what we do, and remember we’re friendly, professional and caring.

We want our customers to feel our genuine passion for everything we do.



Audience-first communication will transform and unite our voice.

  • Is the focus on the audience?
  • Is 'why they would care' clear?
  • Is the level of formality appropriate? e.g. a tender document compared to a social media post

Simple & Direct

Straight-forward and easy to understand writing. We are confident and proud of what we do, but not boastful.

  • Is it easy to understand in a single read?
  • Is it as clear and to the point as possible?
  • Have you removed any jargon?
  • If the audience is being asked to act, is that action and how to take it clear?


How we create a recognisable voice and a strong brand.

  • Does it convey our passion for redefining the customer experience?


positive (primary)

Passionate about our business and doing things well. We are experts in delivering a quality food and drink experience. We’re fans too - of sport, music, entertainment and good times.

  • Does it focus on solutions over problems?
  • Are any negatives (no, not, etc.) necessary, or can you rephrase them with optimistic language?
  • Have we assumed the positive about the situation or audience?

inviting (Secondary)

Everyone’s welcome. We create experiences you’ll loveand remember.

  • Does it sound like a warm, caring, nice person wrote it?
  • Are lists bulleted and phrase-based?
  • Is there anything that could be made easier to understand?

BOLD (tertiary)

We are leaders in our field and passionate to shareour innovations, experience and services.

  • Does it grab the audience’s attention?
  • Are we speaking as confident leaders in food and drink experiences?
  • Does it feature strong, specific word choices?


  1. Audience-first communication
  2. Straight-forward and easy to understand
  3. A recognisable voice through consistency